Healing with the

I would be honored to provide a sacred refuge in your healing adventure towards

- a life of authentic self-acceptance and self-respect
- a life of mastery of your own emotional, physical and mental well-being
- a life of self-confidence and meaning
- a life of self-empowerment and inner strength
- a life that you love and are proud of living.

My methods include vibrational energy medicine, flower essences, crystal resonance therapy, and sacred space transformation.

Healing is Beauty, and Beauty is Healing.

Beauty is embracing the human experience in all of its extremes. 

I help committed individuals who are struggling with anxiety, disempowering behaviors, work addictions and financial security fears. Individuals who are ready to take responsibility for their own healing, but do not yet know how to transform the need for validation and approval of others, the fear of misusing their power, or the silencing of their unique voice, will discover opportunities to rewrite their stories and craft a new life purpose.

                  Amba holds space for your healing journey with intention, harmony, and beauty in alignment with the sacred.