Equine Facilitation

At age 12, that the deep connection I had with my horses back then, Apache and Ulises, will reawaken my inner strength in my fifties.
Little did I know that horses were going to be the magical bridge between my passion for Beauty and Nature, and my love to hold space for others. 

Little did I know that horses will show me how to love myself just by being who I am. 

Little did I know that horses truly “see” you, “feel” you and “whisper” back to you, with mystical authenticity, transparency and with “no agenda”. 

Little did I know that horses would mirror back to me those inner wounds that still needed healing. 

Little did I know horses would help me open my heart even further and find a new meaning of life. 

Horses are sentient beings that give unconditional love and acceptance.

Dolly, my mare, and her herd, have become my teachers and partners to support healing, advance human development, and facilitate leadership training. 

little did I know...

I facilitate people,
-To increase self-esteem, self-acceptance, and social skills. 
-To better understand healthy boundaries and the importance of assertiveness. 
-To reduce anxiety and stress, so more joy and aliveness is possible.
-To unlock blocked emotions allowing them to be processed and healed.
-To respond to different life situations in more positive ways, by understanding the messages behind emotions. 
-To build healthy relationships with family and co-workers based on cooperation and collaboration in non-predatory ways.
-To improve your communication skills, including the non-verbal.
-To lead a more inspired life, bringing compassion and heart connection.
-to learn how to resolve conflict, build and lead solid teams in the workplace. 
-To learn about your own leadership strengths and preferences.
-To reach your full potential, expand all creative talents and manifest your life purpose.

If you identify with one of them, I invite you to explore the way of the horse to change your life.
By building healthy relationships with these magnificent sentient beings in a safe and nurturing environment, you will gain life skills for yourself and for those around you.

We offer programs for the general community as well as various groups men and women’s groups, youth, children, equestrians as well as corporates and managers of profit and nonprofit organizations.

As an Eponaquest instructor @ eponaquest.com, my aim is to provide equine experiential learning programs and services to individuals, organizations, and corporations, who are undergoing personal and professional life challenges, social conditioned behavior, and self-absorbed thought patterns. 

Al sessions facilitated by qualified instructors and specialists in other areas upon request.
The workshops include basic Eponaquest philosophies and skills through non riding activities.
No horse experience necessary. 

Dedicated to individuals or small groups who prefer a longer, private and more spacious context for their experiential leaning journey with horses.

Private Multiday Program
( 12 sessions) 

Learn innovative skills for handling conflict while motivating and empowering others, archive mutual respect in a team structure, Embodying goals, lead though relationship, learn about your own leadership strengths and preferences, and the power of the herd.

Two day programs “Leadership through relationship”

We focused on the messages behind emotions, exploring the 90% of nonverbal communication, personal development, exploring connection and mutual respect with horses, setting boundaries, and bringing relaxation, congruence and confidence building.

One Day programs “Tapping into your inner Power”

This is a half day intro session available to learn basic horse handling and communication skills as well as effective tools to connect with horses, regulate your nervous system and understand their sensitivity in a safe environment.

Introductory sessions “Listening to the horse (and to yourself)”  

Explore the ways we can empower ourselves with the horses wisdom.
from 9:00 am till 1:00 at Rugged Ranch Topanga, California 

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