the inner seeds

of Amba Garden of Love

Gentle and non-invasive modalities of energy therapy and vibrational medicine, utilizing crystals and stones, resonance therapies, human bio-energy, guided meditation, flower essences, and shamanic healing. You will feel lighter, more grounded and self-empowered. These ancient methods have been applied and taught for millennia by the greatest masters of the world.

In our initial consultation of 30 minutes, I will recommend a combination of some of the services described below. we meet in person or virtually via zoom.  

“The cave you fear to enter, holds the treasure you seek” - Joseph Campbell

Timeless Energy Medicine

Weekly Self expression Support groups (2 months)

From $150 per person.
Workshops By consultation.

Self-expression support groups create a sacred container to inspire and connect with each other. We share our processes with no energy to change or convince anybody. We practise how to express our gifts and talents, allowing them to flourish with beauty and no judgment. 

Workshops on the ancient practice of intention setting and floral art are available.

Sacred Gatherings

the Beauty of The

1 hour session: $108

Flower Essences are gentle remedies made from the life force of flowering plants and trees. They carry the vibration, energy, or energetic imprint of flowers. They are NOT essential oils and do NOT contain any biological material. The energy and soul of the flowers communicate and resonate with our soul energy and help bring balance to life situations, moods and outlooks of life, and wholesome physical and emotional health. 

Nectar of the Gods, 
flower essences.

the Beauty of The

1 hour session: $140

The PAHT (Primus Activation Healing Technique) is a multifaceted energy healing and consciousness development technique. It is based on a series of meditative and hands-on techniques that cause the body's electromagnetic field to resonate with specific energy frequencies that create measurable physical effects and healing. The power of Love (Primus) of the Heart heals all. 

 Loving Melody of the Heart

the Beauty of The

1.5 hour session: $150

Crystal Resonance Therapy is a non-invasive, gentle process of using crystals and stones to harmonize your energy field with the Earth's, its primary source of coherence energy. It promotes healing and balance so you can live with grace and lightness grounded in your human experience. 

Crystals and Stones of the Eternal

the Beauty of The

9 rites for an individual:$490
Group sessions by consultation

"Munay Ki" means the energy of Love. These are 9 energetic transmissions that heal the wounds of the past – the genetic and karmic inheritance we are born with. They transform and upgrade your luminous energy field and re-inform your DNA and mind patterns. You will feel more empowered, relaxed and full of aliveness, and more connected with your life purpose. 

 seeds of Love, Munay Ki Rites

the Beauty of The

1 hour session: $150

A shamanic holistic experience, from illuminations to energetic extractions or soul retrievals, designed to facilitate the elimination of any physical, emotional or mental imbalance. It will bring more understanding, physical healing and wellbeing. All energy work is done with integrity and intention, with explicit permission of the client, in a safe and confidential environment. I always open sacred space in alignment with Spirit. 


the Beauty of The