Kind words from past clients...

 Orlando, Florida

- Tisha Suzanne

 “Belen’s unique gifts are cherished by many. She has a genuine and true heart that radiates in all of her endeavors. Her guided meditations and healings hold a sacred space that is essential to one’s unfoldment in the spiritual process. Allow her sessions to guide you in the truest sense and you will awaken to her divine energies. She is exceptional in leading and holding group spaces for others that are sacred, open, and allow for the unfoldment in the journey of inner self-discovery”

Ojai, California

- Cindy Rowe

"When I was getting ready to sell my condo in Miami and wanted to stage it for the market, I immediately turned to Belen. She was gracious, generous, kind, enthusiastic, and joyful in helping me create a place of beauty that I absolutely loved living in for almost a year before selling it. In that year, surrounded by the softness and beauty of the Divine Feminine, I finally embraced aspects of the inner feminine that I had long been resisting and suppressing. Belen has an amazing gift for making simple spaces elegant, and for bringing out the exquisite beauty of the most ordinary. Thank you so much Belen for your inspiration, creativity, and love!"

Miami, Florida

- Rosa Sugrañes

“Belen is a great guide in so many ways… she has done the work on herself and this is why she can help others…she has gone deep inside all her conditioning and this is why she can help others to free themselves of it… she knows how to connect with the life force of the Universe and this is why she can inspire others to do the same and lead a more meaningful and inspired lives”

New York

- Donald McWeeney

“Belen has an extraordinary sense of what is beautiful and a genuine sensitivity to what a space needs. Her work feels like alchemy, taking the elements, flowers, objects, décor and integrating them with subtle harmony to become one thing, one feeling, one energetic space. She can make the simplest things special and she does it in a way that connects you to the things and places around you”

Realtor and Artistic Director of UpSwing Aerial Dance Company
San Francisco, California 

-Cherie Carson

“Belen has an eye for creating floral designs that express life. Her work can be whimsical, bold, exciting and calming. She listens to the needs of her clients and creates floral statements that are spot on. The arrangement she did for my friend in the hospital was a big hit and that made it all the more special. Belen loves what she does and it shows in her attention to details and how she imbues each arrangement with unique intentions. I highly recommend her if you are looking for something unique and special”

Executive Director Key Biscayne Piano Festival & Miami Venezia City Friendship Project Lead

-Amarylli Fridegotto

“Amba's floral arrangements for the Piano Festival concerts helped transform the stage with magic, beauty and light energy. She paid attention to the artist's nationality and personality, to the concert program and to special requests from the artists. Her innate ability and mastery in giving importance to the smallest detail, brings every activity she deals with to the highest level. She conveys a Zen philosophy to every aspect of her work both as an interior designer, as an artist in the composition of floral arrangements, and as a personal guide. For me, she sprinkles light in every gesture”

Albuquerque, New Mexico

- Bolina Salomon 

 “Belen’s welcoming & soft energy is instrumental in holding a sacred space for healing & transformation. I felt her as a healing balm holding my hand during my process. She is a true companion during a healing journey. I would recommend her with utmost confidence for her integrity & dedication. What an honor to have worked with her”


- Melisse Sulbach Menashe

"I have had the privilege to receive recurring sessions of Belen’s Crystal Resonance Healing for 9 months. From the impeccable Sacred Space she creates to her profound guided meditations, each session unveiled a unique layer of energetic healing which kept integrating overtime. Belen is a gifted lightworker whose sensibility and deep knowledge of different healing modalities has supported me in greatly improving my overall well-being."

San Francisco, California

- Jennifer McCrea

“Belen is a light, inspiring everyone she meets to infuse beauty, creativity, elegance and passion into their lives. She has been a wonderful partner with me in co-creating exquisite spaces and events. I cherish working with - and walking beside - her as a colleague and a friend.”

Fresno, California

- Kristen Norton

“I have found Amba to be a profoundly sacred space for doing deep healing. Belen works with impeccability to support the journey of each client in a space free from judgement and full of insight and unconditional love. Working with her has truly been a blessing.”

Vancuver, Canada

- Sheila Clark 

“With Belen’s skillful guidance during a Soul Retrieval, I was able to touch into an aspect of myself that had been left behind because of trauma and integrate that piece into my being in the present. I feel more whole because of her help. During an Ancestral Constellation she help me find a forgiveness in my heart that I had not imagined was possible for decades. With Belen’s gentle guidance and reassurance throughout the process, I was able to walk to fresh air. She is grounded and knowledgeable and I would not hesitate to recommend her as a guide on your journey of healing. “

“It is the earnestness of application that liberates and not the theory”

- Nisargadatta Maharaj