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the outer seeds

We welcome you to transform the energetics of your living surroundings, creating a more luminous, warm, and harmonious container to support your inner healing. Make your home, working space, gathering or event a Sanctuary of Love and Beauty, the reflection in the mirror of who you are becoming. 


Inspirational Spaces & Flowers of the Light

Flower arrangements
(small /medium/large) 
From $50/$90/$160

Events and Garden design by consultation.

Flowers offer their mysterious beauty and grace to our gardens or living areas, elevating our spirit and soul. They uplift, update and upgrade any space. I offer flower arrangement with integrity and intention, transmitting the energy of Love to the receiver through these delicate plant beings.

For special occasions, for events, for weekly refreshing arrangements at your home or office, or just for irresistible pleasure, treat yourself with flowers. It is a sacred and eternal expression of self-love and love towards others.
Create or redesign your secret garden outdoors to quiet your mind and spoil your senses.

Gardening for the Soul

the Beauty of The

By consultation
From $600

Space clearing is an ancient tradition from native and eastern cultures who understood that harmonized dwellings created harmonized lives. Make your home or office a sacred space of renewal and self-love, a place of devotional healing for every situation and a focal point for power and spirit. 

This service includes a full walk-through of the space, an energy clearing ceremony, and re-arranging decor items to restore balance and harmony. Optional add-ons include floor plan assessment and sacred space design.

inviting the Sacred 

the Beauty of

By consultation. it includes facilitation and training.
From $701

Our spaces tell a story about how we feel about ourselves and how we see the world around us. It is valuable to infuse our homes or offices with a sense of cosmic order to bring healing and balance to our inner life. When you find the roots of the clutter and heal at the source, powerful transformation occurs in your life.

bringing Cosmic Order 

the Beauty of

By consultation
From $808

A sacred room where you can feel safe, in stillness, away from the daily routines and the outside world. Your refuge and private temple to connect with your Spirit. You are the result of the quality of your thoughts. Let them be purified through meditation or journaling before your day begins, or give yourself a moment at home or at the office to wind down after a long day. 

creating a Sanctuary at home

the Beauty of

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